Eduardo D. Rubin

branding director

Eduardo is an Author, Brand Strategist, Photographer, Creative Director, Social Psychologist and Entrepreneur, with a keen eye to dive into a person, city or situation, and reveal its essence. 

His stint as an Art Gallerist in South Florida evolved nicely into "Artcellent", a unique offer for Artists to transcend beyond his/her own limits... and find their voice in the process. (

Eduardo co-founded "Argentato & Rubin Marketing Services", "Generation i" and "Background, Sales and Contact Center" in Argentina, and "Ideas Generators" and "Rubin Studio Gallery" since he moved to South Florida, back in  2002. 

In 2011 he launched "The City Voyeur", a series of photo-books portraying, as of today, 12 cities in 3 continents, from his peculiar and intimate point of view. 

As published a few years ago, in occasion of his art work show in NYC, "(Eduardo's) Compositions are edgy and terse, creating interest and depth, while still displaying all the incredible beauty and wonder there is to be found in everyday forms".  He also participated in solo and group exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Beijing, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Miami, Shangai and New York. 
You can check his work as a Photographer @

Since 2016 Ideas Generators also provides People Strategy Solutions, as a natural extension of its customary Branding Services.