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Business Strategy

Sessions with Top Management and other relevant stakeholders: from Vision Development through Planning for Impact, to Execution and Iteration.

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agile adoption

Evaluation of Company's readiness.

Organizational Design around Client Experience and Journeys.


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executive team build-up

Individual Executive Coaching: Mind and Skin in the Game, Modeling from the Top.

Team Building: the Path to Connectivity and Radical Collaboration.


mergers, acquisitions, divestitures

Cultural Fit.

Talent Roadmaps.

Employee Engagement.

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People Strategy

Leadership Capabilities: how to Lead the Company to success in a digitally disrupted world.

Employee Value Proposition: how to Brand to Attract and Engage Key Talent as Ambassadors.

Talent Succession: how to ensure Business Continuity in Critical Roles, how to Pay and Promote.

Learning: how to Capture and Distribute Core Business Competencies.

Wellness: how to embrace a path to wholeness and catalyze Change.


digital hr

Evaluation of Function's readiness.

Strategy and Organizational Design around Employee Experience and Journeys.