A comprehensive multidimensional approach to Change Management, partnering with organizations facing transitions, such as: 

Market Disruption,

Entering or leaving a line of business or a market,

Redesigning Customer Experience and Journeys,

CEO Transition,

Major talent attrition.


We typically liaise with CEO, CXO and CHRO to Design, Communicate, Execute and Calibrate a Transformation process that involves all stakeholders and multiple Iterations.


We facilitate a Strategic Design Process for:

  • Business:

Environment and Trends: Economy, Science, Technology, Competitive Landscape, Customer Experience and Customer Journeys.

Organization Readiness to embrace Transformation: Branding, Executive Team, Structure & Decision Making, Technology, Talent.

  • People:

Purpose as Differentiator

Culture as a Product

Forward Leadership

Talent Engagement Model

Career Roadmaps

Learning Solutions

Communication Roadmap

  • Digital HR:

Employee Experience and Employee Journeys

  • Coaching to Leaders along the process:

Mind and Skin in the Game